Dan Gemeinhart does it again This book should really come with tissues because it ripped my heart out and made me cry happy and sad tears throughout the entire book Rodeo and Coyote are a father daughter duo that live on the road in an old school bus called Yager They have been roaming the US for five years ever since a tragic accident that left them both devastated They have not been home in five years and Rodeo refuses to go back to their home in Washington State but Coyote learns that she MUST go back when a beloved park is about to be torn down In this park is a memory box that Coyote buried with her mom and sisters Will she make it back Will Rodeo and Coyote continuing grieving while criss crossing the United States in a bus You will fall in love with Coyote and cry right along with her as you imagine going throu I absolutely loved this middle grade book It was quirky and full of heart my favorite combo Coyote Sunrise is a 12 year old girl living on a school bus with her father, Rodeo They travel around the country following whatever whim hits them in the moment and running from the grief of a family tragedy Along the way they pick up some strangers who become entwined in their story Themes of love, friendship, story, grief, kindness, honesty, and so manyare included here It was fabulous.
They all TOLD me to read this one, and they were RIGHT I dug in yesterday afternoon and this morning when it was time for my walk I just couldn t stop, so I switched to the audio version on Scribd and only took a quick break for my shower I listened while I got ready for work, while I drove to work, and while I collected books for check in at work I SOBBED in the car and my kids were like, MOM, remember it s FICTION.
Oh, this is such a heart print book for me It s about family and grief, and friends and adventure It will mean one thing to kids but as a mom, it absolutely broke and warmed my heart I won t stop thinking about Coyote and her family and band of friends for a long long time.
Thanks a million to my bookstagram friends librarianmsg , redcanoereader , afomaumesi whatkreads for inspiring me to pick this one up as soon as it was released and to Katherine I found this book, though expertly crafted and addictively engaging, as pleasant and believable as yet not I loved the bus adventure premise, the non judgmental friendships accrued along the way promoting kindness And I enjoyed the quirky characterizations and spunky dialogue laced with literary tie ins Some great stuff, for sure What tripped me up was Coyote in regards to puberty stuff and that she lived on a bus with no shower, or bathroom, or running water etc and didn t make a fuss over it Girls that age demand privacy It just didn t come across as believable That, and the fact she and her dad had traveled essentially nonstop on the bus for 5 years with only one 5 minute phone call allowed per week to Grandma One year, maybe two I could have bought YearsThat S How Long Coyote And Her Dad, Rodeo, Have Lived On The Road In An Old School Bus, Criss Crossing The NationIt S Also How Long Ago Coyote Lost Her Mom And Two Sisters In A Car CrashCoyote Hasn T Been Home In All That Time, But When She Learns That The Park In Her Old Neighborhood Is Being Demolished The Very Same Park Where She, Her Mom, And Her Sisters Buried A Treasured Memory Box She Devises An Elaborate Plan ¿ The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise Ñ Download by ï Dan Gemeinhart To Get Her Dad To Drive , Miles Back To Washington State In Four Dayswithout Him Realizing ItAlong The Way, They Ll Pick Up A Strange Crew Of Misfit Travelers Lester Has A Lady Love To Meet Salvador And His Mom Are Looking To Start Over Val Needs A Safe Place To Be Herself And Then There S GladysOver The Course Of Thousands Of Miles, Coyote Will Learn That Going Home Can Sometimes Be The Hardest Journey Of Allbut That With Friends By Her Side, She Just Might Be Able To Turn Her Once Upon A Time Into A Happily Ever After

I need to gather my thoughts, but EVERYONE needs to read this book I promise, it s THAT good.
ó The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise ó Oh, Dan Gemeinhart, why do you write such incredible books that rip me apart, then put me back together again First it was The Honest Truth Then came Good Dog Not to mention Scar Island Each so different, yet kept me thinking about them for days after finishing each leaving an indelible mark on my heart And then you give me Coyote and Rodeo and their Remarkable Journey It s a journey that takes them across many miles in a school bus turned home think a bright yellow tiny house on wheels More importantly, though, it s a journey of the heart To help heal what s been broken I can relate Each additional character read passenger so thoughtfully introduced, moves Coyote Rodeo toward a place neither one of them thought they d be, and through moments so real, heart wrenching, and gripping that I often found myself reading blurry words through tears and reaching for Kleenex so I wo I am not a Dan Gemeinhart fan His books are too Perils of Pauline for me You know, one cliffhanging event after another However, my Mock Newbery group nominated this book as a possible contender for 2020, to be read in March So I read it Gemeinhart stayed true to his style Coyote and her father faced one obstacle after another It is hard to believe that someone can get into so much trouble, yet always come out smelling like a rose Another problem is something that I am noticing in middle grade books lately, Issue Overload COYOTE SUNRISE was no exception Issues addressed in this book included death in the family, domestic violence, police abuse, coming of age, teen runaway, racial discrimination, and LGBT Phew I d hope that the committee does not award the biggest prize in childr A charming story about a young girl, racketing around the country with her dad in an old school bus, and the journey they make back home for the first time in years, and the people they discover and help along the way I loved Coyote, and their fellow travelers I wasthan a little pissed, however, at Rodeo her father who I think had done a very selfish thing in order to escape his own grief, without seeming to think for a second about what Coyote might need I m impressed that after five years, she wasn t a total basket case Still, the ending is very satisfying, and the book is fun.
Interest Level 3 6Do you think it would be fun to have your house be a school bus that was gutted and turned into a home You could go just about anywhere in the US whenever you want Fun, right Well, Coyote Sunrise didn t have a problem with it, at least not until everything changed Coyote and her dad, Rodeo, have been traveling the country for five years, ever since the day her mom and two sisters were killed in a car wreck Since then Ella has been called Coyote and her dad has been Rodeo They live life on the road stopping at gas stations and truck stops all over America Every Saturday Coyote calls her grandmother but everything changed when her grandmother told her that they were going to be bulldozing the playground next to their old house Coyote kn

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