This is an excellent science book written for a general audience It discusses the research done into the many climate regimes experienced on Earth from the earliest times Snowball Earth etc through to recent past The emphasis is on the science and the excitement of discovery, but the implications for our own climate are clearly spelled out We are left in no doubt the level of risk we are running by continuing with the status quo.
Too many disjointed events, individually of some interest, but not tied together with long term trends This is great short book, written in a highly accessible style, offers a number of very interesting insights into some of the ways how scientists have reconstructed past climates.
Whilst Turney does tend to go off on tangents and sometimes the chapters prove a little inconclusive as mentioned in other reviews this both adds interesting narrative to the story and represents afair discussion of the topic than is often presented in many other popular science books.
I would strongly recommend this book to readers from a wide range of backgrounds, but perhaps especially to those who feel they wantinformation on the claims made by science with regards to future climate changes, and those entering higher education from college school level study.
All in all, a very entertaining book.
In Ice, Mud and Blood, Chris Turney sets out to provide a brief potted story of the Earth s climate history This covers the whole range of time, from deep geological times 500 million years ago but concentrating on therecent 100,000 years or soIt is a book I would very much like to recommend it is written by an academic in a nice friendly style but I think there are two drawbacks First he is not very good on his narrative He tends to meander off, indeed giving a fascinating sidelights into the history of the various topics, but at the end of each chapter I found that too often I said to myself what exactly have I learned in this chapter The second problem is that he tends to pull his punches when it comes to controversies Climate change is a highly contentious subject and one would very much like to have a book where they are explained For instance, he mentions Mike Mann s hockey sti This book is full of interesting information about various ways scientists have tried to get a hold on past climates and what may have caused climate change, but it s not an easy read I found myself repeatedly wondering where the story was headed.
The overall impression the book leaves is that although scientists have found some very clever ways to interpret the past, it s an almost hopelessly complicated endeavor There are simply too many variables at play at the same time, and the idea that anybody really knows precisely what caused this or that change seems very unlikely.
Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past (Macmillan Science) Ï This book is absolutely brimming with scientific information The author, a geologist specializing on past climate changes, takes the reader on a fascinating quest to quantify the variations in past climates and to understand the mechanisms precipitating these variations Spanning a period starting about 55 million years ago, the book covers a variety of methods that scientists use to tease out information on past climates Understandably, determining what has happened in the distant past can be very tricky and is open to interpretation this is where the author brilliantly illustrates the scientific method at work It is clear from this book, especially the final chapter, that the author is convinced that humans are at least partly responsible for the currently observed global warming consequently, he worries about the future if nothing is done soon to remedy the situati A World Of Wildly Escalating Temperatures, Apocalyptic Flooding, Devastating Storms And Catastrophic Sea Level Rise This Might Sound Like A Prediction For The Future Or The Storyline Of A New Hollywood Blockbuster But It S Something Quite Different It S Our Past In A Day And Age When Where We Re Bombarded With Worrying Forecasts For Future Climate, It Seems Hard To Believe That Such Things Could Come To Pass Yet Almost Everywhere We Turn, The Landscape Is Screaming Out [ Pdf Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past (Macmillan Science) Õ world-of-warcraft PDF ] by Chris Turney Õ That The World Is A Capricious Place The Problem Is If We Don T Tune In, The Message Is Lost We Need To Decipher The Past And Learn From It In Ice, Mud And Blood, Professor Chris Turney Explores The Changing Climate And The Risks Facing Us Today As We Continue To Drive Our Planet To New Extremes

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