Cassandra S Father Hires Two Private Tutors For Her, She Plans A Series Of Mischievous Tricks To Drive Them Away After All, She S The Daughter Of A Noble Family, And Will Soon Be Married Off To A Suitable Husband What Need Did She Have For Philosophy And Science But Then Edmund And Clifton Show Up At Her Family Estate Both Handsome And Enchanting, Cassandra Quickly Finds Herself Falling For The Mysterious Men When Edmund And Clifton Invite Her To Visit Edmund S ☆ read ¾ Punished in the Iron Maiden by Chera Zade ↠´ Home, To View His Collection Of Medieval Torture Implements, She Accepts, Not Knowing That They Have Something Very Special In Store For Her Punished in the Iron Maiden Is A Short, Romantic BDSM Tale Involving A Pair Of Gorgeous Men Obsessed With A Girl Above Their Station, And A Woman Willing To Push The Boundaries Of Her Comfort Zone In Order To Claim Them For Her Own

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