Pulp Ø I m a huge Bukowski fan, and there isn t enough of him for me This was his last novel, and is not related to the Henry Chinaski series That said, this character certainly shares some of Hank s personality and outlook I think there is a littlebare philosophical rumination in this book than in any of the others, which isn t saying all that much, as the others tend to eschew that type of thing Bukowski s famous plain and explicit writing style is on full display here Great book Too bad there aren tof them.
Bukowski S Brilliant, Fantastical Pastiche Of A Detective Story Packed With Wit, Invention And Bukowski S Trademark Lowlife Adventures, It Is The Final Novel Of One Of The Most Enjoyable And Influential Cult Writers Of The Last CenturyNicky Belane, Private Detective And Career Alcoholic, Is A Troubled Man He Is Plagued Not Just By Broads, Booze, Lack Of Cash And A Raging Ego, But Also By The Surreal Jobs He S Been Hired To Do Not Only Has Been Hired [ Pdf Pulp ↠´ nigeria PDF ] by Charles Bukowski º To Track Down French Classical Author Celine Who S Meant To Be Dead But He S Also Supposed To Find The Elusive Red Sparrow Which May Or May Not Be Real The book is dedicated to bad writingseriously Yep, and one of the most important literary proponents of not giving a s about anything is behind it.
This review doesn t require much, and reading of the book requires little to no mental faculties It s a poorly written detective novel, and it s as usual a beautiful print Black Sparrow knew how to handle things in that regard.
If you haven t read Bukowski, I wouldn t start here, but like a badass he ended his career here In my opinion, his best book is Ham on Rye, but it takes balls to intentionally write something this horrible thus, this beautiful read HOR, and then give this a try, and don t take it seriouslyotherwise you ve missed the point and missed out on an otherwise entertaining and hilarious read.
Happy reading The novel contains many of the elements that have made Bukowski s work a raucous, enjoyable ride It is edgy, irreverent, full of drink and street philosophy, and fast moving because the author is always in control In many ways, it is a tribute to old Hollywood For Belane, it s a matter of remembering, as Bukowski would say, how you walk through the fire.

Never read any of Bukowski s work before this one Some people say that your need to read hisserious work to really get this one, but I wholeheartedly disagree If you re a fan of literature, and have read a good deal of stories over the years, you will find this one pretty darn funny If you re uptight, or are some kind of literature purist, then steer clear, but if you appreciate some great tongue in cheek humor, and an obvious thumbing of the nose at proper literature, then check this out for sure I ve been laughing my ass off reading this one.
As this was Bukowski s last work, I am left wondering whether he was at his best, or his worst Either way, the dialogue is very fast and has wide open gaps which the reader will either enjoy or hate I personally loved it because Bukowski is testing the reader at every turn You gotta work for this one And isn t that so much like talking to an old guy with experience You gotta fill in the gaps because they don t have the time or energy to spoon feed ya, kid This is Bukowski having fun with you at the bar The ending was a bit odd for his style however I am wondering if he died before he could finish In any case, it doesn t detract as long as the reader is aware I highly recommend this book as a fun and loose ride.

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