The Only Girl in the World is published in April by Scholastic The moving WW1 romance tells the story of a young British soldier, Dennis, and his experiences of war on the Western Front During his leave, he meets and falls in love with a local girl Helene, and promises he will return for her when the war is over The book wonderfully evokes both the trauma of battle, and every day life in provincial France, and is a genuinely moving account of love and loss I found myself rooting for Denniz as Helene calls him, and desperately hoping he would make it home to her It is a real achievement to get that depth of feeling within the constraints of a YA novel, and from the horror of war to craft a story that ends with hope for the future.
The Only Girl in the World ✓ Worst Writing Ever Not sure how this made publication.

5 stars A quick read but does pack an emotional punch xx A bitter sweet tale for young adults.
The Only Girl in the World Is A Gripping Romance Set During The First World War Dennis Is An English Soldier Fighting In The Trenches Of The Western Front When He Is On Leave He Meets Helene, And It S Love At First Sight But The Shadow Of The Trenches Hangs Over Him His Leave Is Over In A Mere Two Weeks When This Battle Is Won When This War Is Over, He Says He Will Come Back For Her Dare Helene Fall In À read The Only Girl in the World by Carol Drinkwater À Love With This Foreigner Will She Ever See Him Again Will He Survive The Trenches The World Can Be Ending Around You, But If You Re In Love Nothing Else Matters

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