Disclaimer I received this book through NetGalley as a free ARC in exchange for an honest review This is that review 8 10 StarsWhen Brendan Boland was fourteen he confided a secret to a priest he didn t know A secret that should have blown the Vatican out of the water and forced the world to take notice A secret that tested his faith, his family ties, and even his sexuality Brendan had been sexually assaulted by Father Brendan Smythe for years And he wanted it to stop Most of my readers know that I have no love or loyalty to the Catholic church and consider them, as a whole, to be some of the most hypocritical and self righteous people to exist They are nearly always behind the banning of books that could better be suited to ex Sworn to SilenceBrenden Boland29th July 2014This memoir is incredibly sad It is told in his voice and describes the sexual abuse he suffered as a little boy and the giant cover up by the Catholic Church Father Brendan Smyth groomed hundreds of children and continued his abuse as he was moved from parish to parish Brenden was a victim who had the honesty to talk to someone about his ordeal He was terrified that his sisters would be next He wanted the abuse to stop This is not an easy book to read It will shock and yet we need to know about such things to protect future generations of children.
I award this book 4 stars.
How can you not give this book anything but 5 stars for a review.
This is an horrendous act on children I have never had any sympathy with any perpetrator and although there are books out there some making us try to understand or feel sorry for the perpetrator, that will NEVER happen There are plenty of religions that hide and cover up these pedophiles and it makes me livid as this book did Here is an 11 year old boy, an altar boy in the Catholic church Young, innocent lad Then he gets to meet Father Smyth I don t even want to type his title hidden under his clothe is a wolf in lambs clothing After suffering at the hands of this man, he gets the chance to tell another priest of what s happening to him He fears for his sisters too and he is convinced its happening to others Did they do anything about thi

I personally think that this book needs to go on everyone s must read list it s a true story of a child who had to undergo such a horrendous childhood because he was sexually abused by the most trusted person by this boy s family and apparently by the neighbors because he is a pastor father essentially, the pastor didnt only groom Brendan the boy , but also his family and the entire neighborhood by gaining their trust, especially Brendan s The heartbreaking part is Brendan was confused if that act of sexual abuse was wrong until he was like 13 14 years old I was quite mad because the church didnt do anything except that they moved Smyth the alleged from one church to another and as expected that actually opened Sworn to Silence is a disturbing story but it is a must read book An extremely well written, heartbreaking story, it brought a tear to my eye a few times It is a frank and honest account of the appalling abuse endured by a Priest and covered up by the Catholic Church This story was compelling from start to finish and I wish Brendan all the best.
Sworn to Silence ☆ This is a very personal biography by Brendan Boland about his experiences growing up and the effects of the abuse he suffered at the hands of Fr Brendan Smyth and the continuing impact the Church s respond had on his life It is powerful, intimate and very insightful on the effects that such an experience can have on someone lasting their entire life, and not just the impact on the victim but also their family My only criticism would be that there are some simple editing errors which really should have been picked up during the editing of the book itself but that fault does not lie with the author and certainly does not take away from the book.
A Little While He Called The Other Boy Over Did The Same To Him I Heard Everything Father Smyth Was A Priest, A Good Man But I Knew That Some Rule Had Been Broken Brendan Was An Eleven Year Old Altar Boy When He First Met Father Smyth When The Abuse Began, He Didn T Know What To Do Surely He Should Trust A Priest But He Knew He Wasn T The Only Victim, [Brendan Boland] ☆ Sworn to Silence [cycling PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ And His Worst Nightmare Was That His Sisters Would Be NextIt Was Three Years Before He Plucked Up The Courage To Tell Another Priest An Inquiry Was Quickly Called, In Which Brendan Was Sworn To Secrecy But The Abuse Didn T Stop Instead, Father Smyth Continued To Prey On Other Children For Two Decades Until He Was Finally Convicted, In The S, Of OverCounts Of Child Sexual AbuseThis Shocking Memoir Tells How, For Years, A Priest S Abuse Was Ignored By The Catholic Church And How One Brave Small Boy Stood Up For Justice

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