Continuation of the story of Centurion Tullus and the other survivors of the Teutoberg Disaster He and some of the legionaries in his original legion the 18th which had nearly been wiped out are now in the 5th Legion Germanicus, general, a member of the imperial family, comes to take charge of several legions on the Germania frontier He and they are bent on revenge for the Teutoberg, several years earlier A mutiny of some soldiers is put down and ringleaders executed There is much character development and camp life Battles against Arminius and allies occur and are brutal Arminius wife is abducted by the Romans, who destroy several villages along with their inhabitants Arminius is still at large After victory for now the men proceed towards their winter camp One eagle is found, but not that of Tullus old legion.
I thought the scene very moving where Tu The second book of the Eagles of Rome series is as good as the first.
Less outright fighting, butinteresting in some respects, as it deals with the Rhine mutinies.
Very much looking forward to reading the third book of the trilogy.
Hunting the Eagles was just as good if not a little better as the first book, Eagles at War I literally loved every single page of it, never wanted to put my Kindle down or ever get bored Ben Kane is fast turning into one of my favorite historical fiction authors The first book was one of my top favorites of 2015, so I m really thrilled to say that Hunting the Eagles wasn t a disappointment at all If anything, I think I enjoyed it evenbecause I was already familiar with the characters.
I don t want to say too much about the story itself because I don t want to spoil it for other people but it takes place over five years later Tullus and Arminius are still important characters in the story Tullus is out for revenge on Arminius and his tribesmen Arminius wants to crush the Romans once again.
Like in the first book it was full of action, battles and bloodshed so there s never a boring mome Utterly outstanding Not only a fantastic follow up to Eagles of War, one of the best books of 2015 in my opinion, but also superb in its own right Bravo Hunting the Eagles ¹ link for full reviewReviewReading a Ben Kane book is always a different experience from all the other Roman books i normally read There seem to be so many types and styles since Rome became the bedrock of Historical Fiction, from the cut and thrust of the bloody swords and sandals to devious machinations of roman politics and criminal nefarious enterprise and rooting it out with only the tools and minds of the time But with Ben i always feel you get something totally different You get undiluted history, told in such an honest personal emotive way that you cannot help but be pulled into the legion, to share the toil and travails of his characters, and hope that you survive to the end.
Muy buen libro, s per enganchado con los personajes y la narrativa muy din mica Excelente segunda parte Suspenso en todos los cap tulos que no te provoca soltar el libro Recomendado y feliz de volver a leer a Ben Kane.
ARMY DEFEATEDADFive Long Years Have Passed Since The Annihilation Of Three Legions In The Wilds Of Germania Although The Bones Of , Soldiers Now Moulder In The Teutoburg Forest, Not All The Romans Were Slain In The Bloody AmbushA CENTURION OUT FOR VENGEANCEDemoted, Battle Scarred And Hell Bent On Revenge, Centurion Tullus And His Legionaries Begin Their Fightback Ranged Against Them Is The Charismatic Chieftan Arminius, Who Is Gathering Thousands Of Hostile Tribesmen, And Determined To Crush The Romans For A Second Time EAGLE RECOVEREDThe Eagle Belonging To Õ Hunting the Eagles È Download by Õ Ben Kane Tullus Old Legion Is Still In Enemy Hands, But As The Romans Reprisals Take Their Army Deep Into German Tribal Lands, He Remains Convinced That It Is Within Reach But Arminius And His Warriors Are Perilously Close As Battle Begins, Tullus And His Comrades Know They Must Fight As Never Before Just To Stay Alive A very competently written historic blood and guts novel Reminded me of Bernard Cornwall with a littlehistorical vim and a little less drama A pleasant way to spend three hours.
Well, reading much of the synopsis you d be forgiven for thinking that this sounds just like a re run of Book One It isn t Not really Though there are a number of similarities Luckily, Ben gives us the superb writing and character depth of the first book, as his similarities The Romans, to my limited knowledge of the actual events, seem intent on making all the same similar mistakes as in book one The reason Well, maybe arrogance Maybe surprise, that the proto Germans wouldn t roll over and play dead as so many other provinces had done before them.
From what I can gather from this book and Ben s afterword always well worth a read , this marked the high water point of Roman expansion in the area that now is mostly Germany The original defeat in the Teutoberg Forest, can, then, be seen as not only altering Roman history, but also European history That s why it is an important event, 4.
7 starsProbably the best Kane s book so far, staying far from the YA feel of some of the earlier books.

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