I finished the book a while ago and I m here to say a couple of things.
The book was entertaining, I can t say no to that I had some issues, though, with it that justifies my rating 1.
There was some character development, I can t disagree but I think it could be written better not a big issue for me and sometimes the characters were acting childish not a real big issue for me 2.
The drama.
Oh God the DRAMA The book was nice and refreshing, and after a certain point view spoiler The one night stand and the pregnancy as well as the adoption There is NOTHING, nothing, in the book that prepares you for this, it s so light that you think Here we are, fucking drama free and then it slaps you across the face with that crap It makes you believe it s a nice love story and close the end a Title of the story The Girl He Never Noticed otherwise TGHNN Stars 5 beautiful full of feelings starsGeneral Reaction for this story Now some things about this story I absolutely loved everything about this story From the start to the finish It also had some quotes too at the start of each chapter which i loved almost all of them And the plot was intriguing and simple and mostly worth reading All in all,you could see that the writer of this story had spent a lot of time and effort to make it The characters.
Mr Eros Petrakis you have been listed as one of my dream men This man is so damn perfect And Jade is a very good person,loyal to her family,ok she had made mistakes but she tried to move on until she met HIM and her world went almost upside down and not only her worldShe is a really good hearted person after what she had been throug JadeShe S The Girl Who Wears A Black Wig, Big Black Rimmed Eyeglasses, Braces, And Dull, Old Fashioned Clothes Everyone Thinks She S A Weirdo Or A Girl Resurrected From The Past She S Used To Being The Laughingstock Of EveryoneBut Who Is The Real Jade Collins Why Does She Need To Hide Her Physical Appearance And What Happens When Her Boss, The Great Eros Petrakis, Finally Notices Her Can She Tame The Beast Inside Him Meet ErosHe S The Man Who Has Everything In ☆ read ↠´ The Girl He Never Noticed by sweetdreamer33 ð Life Devilishly Handsome, Powerful, Brilliant, Extremely Rich, And With A Body To Die For Despite All His Positive Attributes, He S Also A Ruthless, Cold, And Heartless Tyrant His Colleagues And Enemies Worst Nightmare He Never Smiles, Never Says Please, And Never Apologizes For His Mistakes Can The Woman With The Black Wig And Dark Rimmed Eyeglasses Change Him Or Will He End Up Changing Her Instead 2 StarsWelcome to another installment of Jess s Wattpad Adventures This book was interesting, to say the least.
Firstly, this book was full of grammatical errors I m fairly sure that English is not the author s first language, and given that, I m impressed by their writing skill But there was still heaps of editing that needed to be done Another thing, there were a ton of time skips in this book, and I hate time skips so much Often times, they are used because the author doesn t know how to is too lazy to build character relationships and growth There are certain situations where they can be used, yeah but not to the extent of a year It interrupted the flow of the story pretty abruptly.
Also the ending was a really huge plot twist, and wasn t foreshadowed to in the least view spoiler She had his child Wha 1.
5 Stars To all those romantic softies out there, this one is a must read story It made me cry, smile and blush all along the entire story.
Jade, a beautiful girl who hid behind large rimmed glasses and loose fitted clothes, had a past known only to her sister and mother, which made her get branded as a nerd and weirdo Who really was she What is the reason behind her transition from a carefree pretty girl to a nerdy one Eros, extremely handsome, rich and powerful business man, who is hard hearted, unmoving, ruthless person His employees feared him and his enemies had qualms to cross him Everything about him screamed Evil.
The Girl He Never Noticed sweetdreamer33Eros, employer of Jade, saw through her What made him look through her disguises, at her pretty face and heart Eros had never felt something like this in his life before He wanted to keep her with him, so he gave her the most unex » The Girl He Never Noticed ✓ it s 3.
5 Book is really really good, but I think the ending is rushed, in 3 4 chapters she wrotethan in whole book And Zyon What the heck but all in all a very good plot and I would definitely read a part two, I need to know what happens with all of them 3,5

5 Stars FIRST OF ALL, WHAT I WROTE HERE WAS MY OPINION EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS, AND THAT S PERFECTLY OKAY SO STFU AND STOP COMPLAINING MY REVIEW read this for free on Wattpad The blurb from Wattpad Meet Jade The girl who wore a black wig, black rimmed big eyeglasses and braces She was dressed in her worn out knitted coat and shapeless vintage clothes Everyone thought that she was a weirdo, a nerd or a girl resurrected from the past She was used to be the laughing stock of everyone But who was really Jade Collins Why did she hide her real outer beauty What happened when her boss, the great Eros Petrakis, finally noticed her Could she tame the beast inside him Meet Eros The man who had everything i Towards the end, I felt like all the plot details and drama was forced and unnecessary and sometimes the characters acted stupid and annoying.

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