December , Education Secretary Ruth Kelly Called For A Shake Up Of The Methods Used In Primary Schools For Teaching Reading To Ensure That The System Of Using Synthetic Phonics Is Introduced And Promoted As Early As Possible Teach Your Child To read Is A Comprehensive Reading Primer Based Entirely On Synthetic Phonics Separated Into Six Easy To Follow Sections, It Takes Children Step By Step Through The Complexities Of The English Language So That They Learn How [ Pdf Teach Your Child To Read: A Phonic Reading Guide for Parents and Teachers: A Phonetic Reading Primer for Parents and Teachers to Use with Children ☆ anthropology PDF ] by Annis Garfield ì To Reason, Analyse And Work Out Its Problems For ThemselvesEasy To Use And Packed With Stories, Nursery Rhymes And Enchanting Illustrations, This Book Will Help Ensure Children Have An Early, Trouble Free And Confident Mastery Of Reading Their Passport To A Successful Future I borrowed this title from the library many years ago and, within 6 weeks, my son then aged four and a quarter was a fluent and enthusiastic reader I now work as a TA supporting children with learning difficulties and am always looking for new ways to help them engage and learn I think some of the texts and poems in this book will be really helpful

This is the ONLY way to teach your child to read I did it over 20 years ago with both my children and I ve just bought a copy for my cousin to teach her little lad.
It s a fantastic book The only way to do it.
Lots of rhyming useful for the young.

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