I incessantly heard about how great and amazing SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS was and judging by the reviews, most seem to feel it was something very special Even if I m the only one who didn t enjoy this book, it sure as hell isn t going to stop me from expressing my opinion of it So you know the synopsis, no Four best friends with four totally different physiques each fit into one pair of pants bought via the local thrift shop So they spend a summer apart and decide to pass the pants around through the mail For God s sake, they even have RULES about the pants Don t let boys take off the pants, though you may take them off in his presence Don t cuff the pants Don t call yourself fat while in the pants or use the word phat when referring to the pants BlahblahblahblahblahThe synopsis was intriguing, I must confess It made this novel sound new and exci I am 30, and I read this book because my MOM recommended it to me Obviously, Ann Brashares writing has universal appeal The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four 15 year old best friends who must spend the summer apart for the first time, and the Pants, found in a thrift store and magical because they fit all four girls perfectly, are sent from girl to girl to take part in their mis adventures Carmen visits her father in the south and is in for an unpleasant surprise Lena spends some confusing time with her grandparents in Italy Bridget is a shooting star at soccer camp Tibby stays in Maryland home to work at a chain drugstore and makes some unlikely new friends.
Each chapter begins with a quote from sources as varied as James Joyce and Beck, a

Ù Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Sisterhood Series Book 1) Ù The only reason I read this book is because it kept showing up on my recommended reading list I had tripidation since I realized it was a teen book and I just wasn t in the mood for that sappy teen best friendness trist It wasn t until I came to fill out this review that I realized that I am the 530th reviewer I had no idea just how popular this book became.
Well, I can honestly say it was well worth my time This is a story about four friends spending their first summer apart These 15, almost 16, year old girls have been friends since before birth and are different from each other in every way you could imagine Yet, they support and love each other unconditionally When Puerto Rican, Carmen, buys a pair of jeans at a thrift store, she doesn t even bother to try them on Not until she is packing for her summer away with her father and decides to throw t First Novelin The Wildly PopularNew York Timesbestselling Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Series,from The Author Of The Whole Thing Together And The Here And Now Some Friends Just Fit Together Once There Was A Pair Of Pants Just An Ordinary Pair Of Jeans But These Pants, The Traveling Pants, Went On To Do Great Things This Is The Story Of The Four FriendsLena, Tibby, Bridget, And Carmenwho Made It Possible Pants Love [Ann Brashares] ê Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Sisterhood Series Book 1) [victorian-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ü Love Your Pals Love YourselfFunny, Perceptive, And Moving USA Today An Outstanding And Vivid Book That Will Stay With Readers For A Long Time Publishers Weekly,Starred, Flying Start The Loving Depiction Of Enduring And Solid Friendship Will Ring True To Readers The Bulletin,Recommended A Feel Good Novel Of Substance Kirkus Reviews,Starred Uplifting Seventeen

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