I have been waiting for this book, since I finished the first one I loved the first book and I was hoping the second book would be about Mills.
I got my wish Dante Mills is an LB on the East Shore football team, he s in his senior year and he has high hopes for being drafted by NFL at the end of the year He is willing to give it his all, because faillure is not an option Not when your mom is working two jobs to make ends meet and pay the rent Dante s dad past away a long time ago and ever since things have been very hard for him and his mom His mom however never complains and always made sure that Dante was able to do what he did best.
play football Now Dante feels like it s his turn to take care of his mom and the way to do that, is to be drafted by the NFL.
Mitch Erickson is a new LB on the team He s a freshman and football is his way of escape.
from his asshole family Mitch comes fro I really enjoyed the first book, unfortunately I didn t enjoy this one as much I liked both characters I just didn t like them together I didn t feel any chemistry or any passion between them so the relationship fell flat and seemedlike a friends with benefits kind of relationship Then there was the whole one is rich and the other is poor background story that has just been done a lot I wouldn t have minded it so much if there was a different kind of twist to it I enjoyed the relationship between Dante and his mom It was sweet how protective he was with her and how he wanted to take care of her even if in the end it was a career he wasn t so sure he actually wanted Family means a lot to him and since family means a lot to me I connected 3.
5 StarsConsistent with the low angst despite the weighty issues, this sequel went down pretty nice and easy.
Dante is a senior linebacker, and he s desperate to rise above his humble beginnings and finally provide for his mom who has done so much He simply only has to make the NFL Obviously, that s no small feat, but Dante has grit and determination and his hard work will surely pay off, right However, new linebacker Mitch, also has something to prove to his unsupportive family, and he ll push himself to the edge to get some much longed for attention.
These two rivals clash as you can already probably guess On the other hand, anger and frustration must also be some potent fuel to attraction and lust, because despite Dante and Mitch being complete opposites in all things, they can only resist their urges for so long.
3 Stars Mitch and Dante are two guys who come from two vastly different worlds Mitch comes from a rich and prestigious New England family He s the odd duck out with his love for football and disdain for false smiles while rubbing elbows with snooty rich folk Dante comes from a blue collar, paycheck to paycheck family Since his father s death, Dante s mom works two jobs to make ends meet All he s wanted was to finally make it to the NFL so he could take care of his mother and give her a well deserved break in life The two men are competing for a starting spot Dante needs it so the scouts can see him and Mitch needs it because his father has given him one year to prove himself and get this football nonsense out of 3.
5 starsDante Mills is a senior who plays as a linebacker He wants to make it into the NFLthan anything to be able to help his hard working mother However, because of a new competition in his team this season, getting attention of recruiters won t be all that easy.
Mitchell Erickson is a freshman as well as a new linebacker of the Tigers He doesn t get along with his family, especially his father with whom he made a deal If Mitchell wants to pursue his passion, he needs to win a national title game or else he s be obliged to study at Yale.
Even though Dante shows animosity towards Mitchell during their first practice, they talk things out after some time and they slowly become friends As their attraction to each other grows, Dante becomesandconfused about his feeli 3.
5 StarsThis was easy, breezy M M reading, with a dash of drama, a dollop of heat, and plenty of football action for those who love sports in their romance stories.
Dante Mills is a linebacker for the Eastshore Tigers college team He s a senior and looking for his big break into the NFL when freshman Mitchell Erickson shows up and proves to be hefty competition to Mills LB starting position.
There s potential for some serious conflict here, especially considering how hard Mitch is also trying to prove himself on the field to his snobby family who hate his choices But instead of becoming rivals, Dante and Mitch find themselves becoming friends, forming a comradery on and off the field that leaves Dante questioning his sexuality when he realises he s feelingthan friendship towards his younger teammate Most of the dra Heat Between Them Is Impossible To Ignore But Can They Ever Be Anything But Rivals Dante Mills Has One Year To Prove He Can Hack It In The NFL If He Can T Score Attention From The Scouts This Season, He Ll Never Be Able To Give His Hard Working Mom The Life She Deserves The Last Thing He Needs Is Competition, But That S Exactly What He Gets When Blond Haired, Blue Eyed Behemoth Mitchell Erickson Walks Into The Locker Room Mitchell Erickson ¿ False Start (Eastshore Tigers, #2) Ê Download by ☆ Alison Hendricks Has One Year To Prove He Belongs On A Football Field He S Spent His Whole Life Struggling To Find Acceptance In His Family, And Now His Father S Finally Giving Him The Chance To Follow His Passion For One Season If He Doesn T Bring The Tigers To Victory, It S Back To Upholding The Erickson Legacy In A Suit And Tie But How Can He Possibly Succeed When Someone As Talented As Dante Stands Between Him And A Starting Position As If The Tension Between Them Wasn T High Enough, Mitch Is Insanely Attracted To The Very Straight Linebacker As The Season Ramps Up And Both Men Fight For Their Place On The Team, A Heated Locker Room Encounter Leaves Dante Questioning Everything He Thought He Knew About Himself When Dante And Mitch Work Together, They Re Unstoppable But Can Two Men Destined To Be Rivals Ever Be Anything False Start Is A Steamy, Standalone Gay Romance Novel With A HEA And No Cliffhanger ↠´ False Start (Eastshore Tigers, #2) ↠´ 4 StarsFalse Start is the sweet and romantic story of two men who are destined to be rivals but find that they both have a wonderful connection and chemistry This story had two young football players who were from different walks of life and what they had in common was their shared love for football Dante and Mitch are very different yet so alike in so many aspects They both are weighed down by their own expectations Dante who had to struggle and had to watch his mother struggle throughout his life wants financial security and stability in order to take care of her and to make her life easier He is under this pressure which he constantly subjects himself to and needs to score the attention of NFL Scouts Mitch is under a different kind of pressure He is constantly weighed down by the expectations and legacy of his 3 StarsI really loved the first book in this series, but this one didn t work as well for me mostly because I didn t feel the connection between Dante and Mitch This one was just ok for me.
5 This book continues the light, full of sugar and no angst style of book one The main plot here is on the very different origins and social status of the MCs Mitch is super rich and Dante has not money at all.
Be able to find a balanced and equal relationship here Hard I love the first one , maybe because it wasfocused in the MCs, in this one the families and the game haveweight.
One of the negative detail for me is the long and full detailed football games I have no idea about football, zero, nada I m from Spain we have soccer and soccer, and maybe some soccer too So when I was reading the plays it was like they were written in chinese

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