I studied fairy tales a bit in college one of my favorite subjects, in fact so the premise of this book intrigued me Imagine if all those children in Grimm stories, the ones who pop up when a poor couple bemoans that they have no children, or who get entrapped by a creepy devil man, or who get killed by their parents, are actually the same two children They re Hansel and Gretel And each story, generally culled from the Grimms work, takes them on a journey of self discovery and independence Cool idea, yes And it is Unfortunately, the framework that holds the entire story together is a narrator who frequently makes interjections to warn the reader of impending doom Perhaps in an effort to avoid sounding too Lemony Snickety, the tone of this narrator is excessively casual, jocular to the point of it being grating I would ve appreciated a genteel narrator Beggi I loved, loved, loved this book This is the kind of book that I wish I could findof I think it was a wonderful fix of humor, horror, suspense, angst, and a great coming of age story I didn t think that I would appreciate a story with Hansel and Gretel thrown into other fairy tales, nor could their story sustain a full length novel I was wrong on both counts Hansel and Gretel became very dear to my hearts They started out as little children who were doing what little children did Living their lives, having fun, basking in the love of their parents and caregivers Until circumstances cause them to embark out into the cold, cruel, scary world.
Adam Gidwitz doesn t go easy on Hansel and Gretel, nor does he go easy This debut YA novel is getting a lot of well deserved attention Gidwitz manages to balance the grisly violence of the original Grimms fairy tales with a wonderful sense of humor and narrative voice, somewhat reminiscent of Lemony Snicket s take on the penny dreadful, but also completely fresh and unique Gidwitz weaves the fairy tales together into a single narrative featuring Hansel and Gretel, and does it so well you ll be wondering if this was the way the stories were meant to be told back in the old days Check it out Do you know the feeling that you knew everything that was about to happen even before you read it Well, nothing surprised me in this Not a single thing It had great potential, but it did not work for me There are some fantastic re tellings, but this one is not it at least not for meNo, of course, it can t The moon can eat children, and fingers can open door, and people s heads can be put back on.
But rain Talk Don t be ridiculous.
Good thinking, Gretel dear Good thinking Because the best way to will a warlock is to cook him with poisonous snakes in a cauldron of boiling oil.
Gidwitz spins a twisted tale that sends Hansel and Gretel into the deep, dark, and sometimes, bloody forest Not surprisingly, no one there is quite what they seem The author narrator frequently warns the reader that bad things are going to happenand, boy do they ever Hansel has a Hell of a time, as heads roll, and dragons roar Gretel s no slouch either, when it comes to taking names, and kicking butt Anyone who enjoys their fairy tales on the grisly side should enjoy this story of two tough siblings and their grim adventures.

Didn t want to read this Nope Not a jot Three reasons for that First off, the title I ve said it about twenty times since reading it and every time I can t quite get it right derivations have included Something Dark and Grimm , A Grimm Tale , and Something Grimm Second, the jacket of the hardcover edition of this book isn t particularly new Silhouettes against a blue background Ho hum Third, I couldn t believe that I was dealing with yet ANOTHER middle grade novel adapting fairy tales in new ways After a while the The Sisters Grimm The Grimm Legacy titles out there begin to meld together From The Goose Girl to Into the Wild to Sisters Red I sometimes feel as if I am a little tired of fairy tales I guess it takes a book like A Tale Dark and Grimm to wake me out of this funk To my surprise, Gidwitz s debut is unlike anything I ve ever encountered before I ë A Tale Dark and Grimm ↠´ This was an awesome re imagining of Hansel and Gretel I can t wait to try the other two Dark Tales 4 Stars I actually finished this last week but am just now getting to this review I listened to the audiobook and highly recommend it It s quirky, different, self aware, gruesome, but also silly There was one portion of Hansel s story that I found to be a bit out of place, and sometimes the narrator would be a bit annoying with his repetition of that s the end of the story etc etc Regardless, this was still really enjoyable I recommend it to those who was something simultaneously grim and silly and to those of you who really like the grimm brothers fairy tales.
To see this review and others please visit www.
comI have a thing for fairy tales, especially Hansel and Gretel So when I saw A Tale Dark and Grimm at the library a few weeks ago, I couldn t hesitate I needed to read this book Firstly, I thought the story was incredibly creative It s like the classic Hansel and Gretel except in addition to the witch, they deal with many other scary beings and they move through different fairy tales They decide they must choose their own fate and they re trying to locate caretakers that aren t dangerous and brutal toward them In a nutshell, they re trying to stay alive In between certain tales and sections we have a narrator that lightens the mood and warns before something violent is about to happen I liked that, but at times it was also distracting.
Secondly, is this seriously J This Mischievous And Utterly original Debut, Hansel And Gretel Walk Out Of Their Own Story And Into Eight Other Classic Grimm Inspired Tales As Readers Follow The Siblings Through A Forest Brimming With Menacing Foes, They Learn The True Story Behind And Beyond The Bread Crumbs, Edible Houses, And Outwitted Witches Fairy Tales Have Never Been Irreverent Or Subversive As Hansel And Gretel Learn To Take Charge Of Their Destinies And Become The Clever Architects Of Their Own Happily Ever [ read Online A Tale Dark and Grimm ↠´ harlequin-desire PDF ] by Adam Gidwitz ç After

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