Many of us very often complain that My Du a is not being accepted But how then our du a will be accepted when we are not following minimum etiquettes of making du a Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, Du a of a believer will be accepted unless he hurries in du as and wants something impermissible So must need to know these conditions and pre requisite of making Du a In this small booklet Shykh Yasir explains all the related facts of making Du a The eloquence of writing will not let you feel bored ever.
Yasir Qadhis book is a pioneering work whos topic is often neglected, Dua This is a definite read for any Muslim who doesn t have access to the arabic language yet is attracted to the faith and its concepts.
This Work, The Author Elaborates On The Status, Importance And Etiquette Of Du A In Islam In The Most Comprehensive Work Yet To Be Written In Engish On This Topic, The Author Discusses, Amongst Other Matters The Excellence And Benefits Of Du A The Types Of Dua The Pre Conditions That Are Needed In Order For The Dua To Be Accepted The Recommended Etiquette Of Performing Du A The Timings And Situations In Which A Du A Is Likely To Be Answered The Various Factors That Aid [ Pdf Dua à futurism PDF ] by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi ↠´ Or Prevent A Du A From Being Accepted The Relationship Of Du A With The Divine Decree Qadr The Wisdom Behind A Delayed Response, And Many Other Relevant TopicsA Highly Informative And Essential Book For Every Muslim Household An excellent primer on the etiquettes and power of Dua It is a practical manual for healing and spiritual growth Very accessible in language The author does not presuppose any depth of knowledge with Islam However, a person who is completely new to religion may need to consult with the dictionary of terms provided at the end of the book I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in furthering their own spiritual growth.
Book will Excellent guide on the subject of Duaa It entails not only the etiquettes of making Dua but innovations and discouraged acts surrounding it that one must avoid A book to be owned and referred to from time to time.
Ï Dua ¹ Great This is a must read for all Muslims Sheikh Yasir Qadhi provides useful information about Dua From the etiquettes of dua, to the cultural innovations that Muslims have adopted over the years from weak hadiths, and manytopics regarding Dua This book will equip Muslims with the neccessary knowledge to ask their creator for whatever they desire as long as they ask in accordance with the etiquettes of Dua and that what they ask for is halal.

This book explains the importance of Dua a, something which is not discussed often enough in halaqahs or khutbahs Besides the importance and benefits of dua, the author also discusses the correct method of performing dua, what actions makes itlikely to be accepted, what makes it less likely to be accepted, some innovated practices, etc It is very helpful, easy to read, and definitely a staple for any Islamic library.

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