I ll tell you right now that Abi Elphinstone doesn t just write about magic, she writes with magic Her books grip me, enthral me, take me on emotional journeys I love ever second of her books Her characters are loveable and her sidekicks PERFECT I implore anyone who wants to rediscover the childhood magic of books and reading and who doesn t to pick up every single one of Abi Elphinstone s books You will not be disappointed.
BRING ON THE UNMAPPED CHRONICLES A really enjoyable short story, I enjoyed every page of it.
Is Midnight In Crackledawn A Midnight Full Of Magic Sea Dragons Stir In The Depths Of The Ocean, Silver Whales Surface Beneath The Moon And Sand Goblins Line The Shores Everyone Is Waiting For The Phoenix, The Guardian Of The Kingdom S Magic, To Rise Up From The Forests Of EverdarkBut There Is No Sign Of The Phoenix Tonight Something Else Surges Up Out Of Everdark Instead A Harpy Bent On Stealing Crackledawn S MagicIt Is Up To An Eleven Year Old Girl Called Smudge And ß Everdark ☆ Download by ↠´ Abi Elphinstone An Eccentric Monkey Called Bartholomew To Set Sail Beyond The Legendary Northswirl And Stop The Harpy Before It S Too LateSo, Grab Your Compass And Roll Down Your Sail The First Adventure In THE UNMAPPED CHRONICLES Is About To Begin I really liked this it took me far too long to read it because I found the font size meant I had to concentratelol but I enjoyed it Smudge is adorable and I loved her a lot I am looking forward to reading Rumblestar evennow.
Sometimes I dabble in books aimed at a younger audience to keep things interesting This particular book is small, action packed at aimed at an audience of young kids with stars of adventure in their eyes and a fondness for quirky people and a few big words.
The status quo has been disturbed and an unknown enemy has been released into an approaching night The plot is simple, the characters minimal and world building enough to keep the interest of children The moral of the story is simple but profound Older teens might roll their eyes at the underlying message but I liked the basic simplicity in it.
This was a light, refreshing read which I picked up at an appropriate time P.
S There is magic, associated magical creatures and a crucial quest in this book.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading expe From the start I was excited at how promising this book sounded The prologue had me hooked, but I wasn t sure how a new series was going to begin with such a tiny book, however don t let that mislead you The font is tiny and this didn t feel like the simpler world book day books I ve read in the past It had a complexity to it that raised my expectations futher still.
I loved that our main character is accompanied by a straight to the point, talking monkey and sentient ship It was a lovely touch and added to the fantastical.
This reminds me of the Peter Pan narrator so has a magical nostalgic feeling This is definitely foradvanced younger readers as there are a lot complex, run off sentences that even I struggle to keep track of I loved how the plot developed but some things were predictable, for example, I Ë Everdark Ô It is hard to build a new world and a new quest in just over 100 pages The author did well in building this one I intend to read Sky Song eventually I have owned it for over a year The indications from this short story is that I will enjoy it This is a well built world with a lot of imagination The story doesn t feel rushed despite the length of the book and the many elements used in it.
This book was originally given as a free book option on World Book Day 2019 and I received it for free from The Book Trust in a competition It is only 1 to buy and definitely worth that for any reader of any age.
A short introduction to The Unmapped Chronicles, Abi Elphinstone s new trilogy, and one in which we meet main protagonist Smudge, a fearless young girl who has been dismissed on the basis of her intellect, rather than the courage and determination she carries We meet witches, harpies, eels and a talking monkey, all of whom are sure to pop up again as the magic of Abi s writing begins to flow onceLots to look forward to

I loved the whole book and how it inspires people who maybe struggle at things others can do to be who They want to be AMAZING Aren t you happy that things like the World Book Day exist I sure am or maybe this little book, Everdark, would have never seen the light of day.
The book in itself is short, just over 100 pages really, but it holds so much It serves as a prequel to the first of the Unmapped Chronicles, Rumblestar.
We are introduced to the land of Crackledawn and all their peculiarities Sunriders and Sunsmiths, Rockgoblins and Watergum, Phoenixes and evil Harpies are just some of the things the reader gets introduced to, together with the main character, an eleven year old girl called Smudge, who just seems to ruin everything she touches I loved to see the world of the Unmapped Kingdoms to unfold before me I felt bright eyed with imagination, filled with wonder and excitement while the

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