Cat, You Better Come Home

A soulful fable adapted from Keillor s popular Cat Songs One cold winter s night, the elegant Puff decides to run away from home She goes to Europe, where she becomes fabulously rich as a TV cat food spokescat It s the high life for Puff, dripping in diamonds and mink, until the day she meets d

Know Your Cat

Understand your pet with this charmingly illustrated owner s guide Find out how to best communicate with your feline, and what all that rubbing, swatting, and lovable purring really means.


It s the mother of all cat books The book that gave new meaning to wacka wacka and forever redefined it Cat is the classic that started it all It gave a voice to catmaniacs around the country and launched an entire genre in publishing and licensing Everybody went crazy Neither cute nor mysteri

The Cat and the Curmudgeon

Republished in 2012 as The Cat Who Stayed for Christmas n nIn this heartwarming, uproarious sequel to Amory s bestselling The Cat Who Came for Christmas , the cat named Polar Bear finds that being rich and famous is not all it s cracked up to be.

The Cat Who Saw Red (Cat Who... #4)

Something is amiss at Maus Haus Not just the mystery of an unsolved suicide which hangs over the old mansion, but something ominous in the present day residence When Qwilleran moves in to work on his new gastronomical assignment, strange things begin to happen First it s a scream in the night,